YanCheng NUHF Environmental Technology Ltd.




YanCheng NUHF Environmental Technology Ltd. is a joint venture set up by New Universe Environmental Group Ltd. and Jiangsu Huifeng Agrochemical Co. Ltd., a listed company in the Mainland. The company specialises in professional treatment of general industrial waste, hazardous industrial waste and medical waste. It also operates a landfill with a capacity of 280,000 cubic metres. YanCheng NUHF has a capacity to handle 39,000 tons of hazardous industrial and medical waste per annum.

YanCheng NUHF is located in Huafeng Industrial Park in Dafenggang which is adjacent to the Yellow Sea. The company has a land area of 39,040 square metres. It is one of the environmental infrastructure units in Yancheng city. The company adopts state-of-the-art incineration facilities that mainly consist of a combustion system and a heat recovery system, a flue gas treatment system and a slag pretreatment section. A distributed control system is installed to ensure automated control of the mixing of waste, pretreatment and smooth operation throughout the waste treatment process. The company has also installed an imported flue gas analyser for continuous monitoring and measurement of all the key combustion process emissions so as to adjust the combustion process and ensure emission standards are met. The company provides services of regulated hazardous and medical waste treatment that will turn the waste into non-hazardous materials. 


1. An anti blocking high efficiency flue gas heater

2. A kind of downflow rotary flue gas whitening device

3. A reverse flow disturbance type flue gas whitening device

4. A drum type mixing feeder

5. An insoluble waste salt landfill and its landfill method

6. A soluble waste salt landfill

7. Disposal device and landfill method of flexible landfill and rigid landfill

8. Flexible landfill rigid landfill disposal device